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Welcome to The Plant Team.

Supply Partners of Quality Plants to Garden Centres

We are a dynamic team powered by the love of plants, based in the UK. The Plant Team has been set up to offer a fully focused service to UK garden centres.

We have old fashioned family values with a modern vision, we focus on quality, simplicity and service, one of our biggest advantage over our competitors is being a UK based team, where we understand your needs and expectations.

Our team selects the best plants available for you. You will receive the freshest plants from a team that understands and cares.


Paul Moors

How it works

Here at The Plant Team we try to make things simple and easy, to give you time to make your selection.

The Plant Team has many ways to order, Weekly trolley deals, Webshop, Seasonal catalogues ,sample vans, trade shows and of course our UK team. We have developed our webshop based ONLY on UK garden centre needs. A tailored service by a UK team specially for UK market.

Place your trolley deal orders or webshop selection by 10am Monday for same week delivery. We operate a hub service for POD, saving you all the hassle of ordering from an EU company. We make it simple and clear. Once our own trucks collect your orders from all over Holland and Belgium we take your plants to our specialised dispatch areas in Aalsmeer Holland or Ghent Belgium where the plants are checked and then dispatched with our transport partners John Pronk transport so you will then receive the most beautiful, freshest plants.

Belgium Direct is a specialist department in The Plant Team. Working closely with Belgian growers and partners. If its pot grown hedging, root ball, pleached trees or any other hardy nursery stock then our Belgium team will fill your needs. We have our loading docks in the heart of the growing area in Belgium which allows us to react quickly and efficiently so you receive the freshest plants. We believe Belgium Direct is probably the best supplier of Belgian plants.

About us

We are a dynamic team powered by the love of plants, based in the UK.

The Plant Team has been set up to offer a fully focused service to UK garden centres.

We select the best plants available for you. We load direct at growers or from our docks in Holland and Belgium so you receive the freshest plants.

Our Mission is to create a transparent supply chain from grower to our partners to develop the very best plants available for everyone.

We work as a team to get the best for our customers working together with growers. We are one team, we are The Plant Team!

The Plant Team’s main office is in the UK with a sub office and loading docks in Belgium. We also have loading facilities in Aalsmeer Holland.

We feel having a team in Holland, Belgium and the UK to be very important and like to think of ourselves as the eyes and ears of your business when it comes to feeding information from grower to partner and partner to grower.

The Plant Team

We have a diverse knowledgeable team all with experience to assist you with every need within our partnership. We are fully focused on quality and service. Meet the team.



Zoe is the person to call if you need help on any matter, from the web shop to logistics, she is available in the UK office to help.


Lester is our man on the road. Based at our UK office. The rest of the time he’s visiting customers new and old, demonstrating the web shop and planning seasonal offers


Lauren is here to help. She looks after orders, customers and marketing. She is available in our Devon office via email.


Tim is head of sales and has a life time of experience. Always happy to share his experience and knowledge.


Stephen Ince. Steve is a well-known sales agent for UK nurseries and also represents the Plant Team in the north west. Always happy to help.


James Plant. James is a well-known sales agent for UK nurseries and also represents the Plant Team in the south east. Always happy to help.

The Supply Chain

The Plant Team, it is the whole supply chain. From breeder/grower, to exporter and the retailer. We all need to be part of the team to get the best result from our efforts. Plant Team stands for partnership.

Give The Plant Team a try and see why we have happy garden centre customers.


It all starts here. The Plant Team works closely with every grower. We look for the best growers with the best plants and logistics. Every grower is assed with the environment in mind. Our growers are part of our team.


We at the Plant Team are the link between our growers and you the customer. The team make sure you can order from multiple growers stickered, packed and delivered on time.

John Pronk Transport are our logistic partners.


Our customers are our business we make the ordering process very simple, with our easy to use web shop and our Belgian and UK offices here to help. The Plant Team are fully focused on customer service.

What we do

The Journey

Grower Ethos.

We choose growers which have full focus on growing quality plants whilst also considering the environment.

Plant Packing.

Where possible we use less plastic and are working together with growers to find more eco-friendly solutions.

Quality Checks.

Our team checks every plant. Every plant has a plant health check and quality check before dispatch.

Our Logistics.

Pronk transport loads on there temperature controlled trucks and will deliver your order within 48 hours from dispatch.


The Plant Hunters

The buyers or Plant Hunters are key to our success. They are fully focused on one mission quality. The team is very experienced, skilled & has a full awareness of what you, our partners want in store.

Our buyers are specialists in the UK garden centre market.

Every month we produce a small video and Blog of products we have found. Follow our buyers on Instagram.

Introducing the buyers




Paul is the ideas man! looking for something special? Indoor or outdoor? then he will find it. Paul has many years of experience in the UK market.

Paul has very good relationships with growers all over Europe.



Outdoor Buyer

Rick is our outdoor buyer. He is full of experience and has been working with UK garden centres for many years. Rick is on the road visiting growers every week looking for the best plants and building relationships with growers.

If you would like to be in the whatsapp group when Rick is at growers you can contact him via email.



House Plant Buyer

Pascal is our house plant buyer. Fully dedicated with a head full of experience and knowledge. Always looking for best plants from growers to offer point of difference.

If you would like to be in the WhatsApp group when Pascal is at growers you can contact him via email.

Weekly Trolley Deals.

A sneak peak at our Weekly Trolley Deals.
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Featured Grower.

EuroTree offer a diverse range of Conifers, Hedging plants, Ornamental shrubs & Topiaries, making them the perfect featured grower for the upcoming Autumn months with their specialist unique range from the Netherlands. Check out their website to see why they are our grower of the month!


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